New lighting and reduced price

After years of hoping, requesting and waiting, the Green Lake Community Center has finally upgraded the lighting in the gym where we play. They have installed 15 new florescent fixtures with 3 controllable lighting levels. The lowest level is equivalent to what we had with the old metal-halide lights. The middle level is twice as bright, and the high level is three times as bright. This change will make it possible for us to hold USATT sanctioned tournaments at Green Lake in the future. Taking note of what we have now at the GLTTC …

* NEW Tournament Level Lighting
* 13 Killerspin tables with 1 inch think tops.
* 9 foot high ball barriers (more play, less chasing)
* 40 standard 26 inch high ball barriers between tables
* Wood floor and high ceilings.
* REDUCED PRICE! – only $5 on Saturday and Sunday ($3 on Wednesdays)

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