Future of Green Lake Community Center

The City of Seattle is looking at a plan to rebuild Green Lake Community Center, and possibly find a private partner to build and operate the new facility. A citizen’s group has formed to lobby against privatization and advocate for repair of the community center. If you would like to get involved or become more informed, the SAVE Evans Pool & Green Lake Community Center Facebook group has information and discussions.

Here is a good opinion piece in the Seattle Times that sums up the situation well: http://www.seattletimes.com/opinion/dont-privatize-seattles-favorite-community-center/

KING TV5 News recently interviewed the leader of the citizen’s group, Susan Helf, and GLTTC volunteer Kim Goldov. KING TV5 happened to come on a Sunday evening, so they got lots of table tennis footage:
KING TV5 Coverage of Green Lake Community Center

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