Friday League

The GLTTC is starting a kanban league on Friday nights from 6 to 9 pm. Opening night is March 23. Everyone is welcome. The league directors will be Chuck Piecuch and KanbanDavid Marques. The referee will be Mario Ortiz. The GLTTC will be the first Seattle table tennis facility to run a kanban league. Kanban leagues utilize USATT style ratings in order set up matches with players of similar levels, however the format is a bit different from the usual group/table based league. Players are assigned matches with a web app. The app seeks to schedule matches so that everyone gets to play as much as everyone else, and so that the matches are between players of similar levels based on their rating. Ratings are adjusted dynamically throughout the night, instead of at the end of the night.

Kanban leagues have several advantages over group/table based leagues. Since the app schedules each match at any of the available tables, more matches can be played in an evening. The system also adapts for players who come late or leave early.

You can sign up in advance at or just show up on a Friday. If you sign up in advance, please select yourself from the list of USATT players if you are rated. Your USATT rating will be your starting league rating. Otherwise, the directors and referee will work with you to determine a starting rating. If you have questions, you can write to the league directors at

The Green Lake Community Center is giving us this night for free again (pick up a free Quickcard at the front desk), however there is a $1 suggested donation to defray league expenses.

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