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Ping Pong Poster_7.2019

The Green Lake Advisory Council (GLAC) has purchased two additional Joola tables for us, and is printing posters to help attract new players. The GLAC was able to buy the tables because of a revenue surplus in 2018. Participation has been down a bit this year on weekends. Keeping our numbers up will make it possible to replace the rest of our Killerspin tables with the nicer one-piece Joola tables when we have our fundraiser next year. There will be some changes at the GLTTC…

  • The two additional Joola tables will allow us to have a total of 14 tables every day. Our setup will change so that there will be 3 sections of the gym. The area on the west side closest to the lake will have 5 tables. The perpendicular divider net will move a bit closer to the lake side of the gym. Those 5 tables will have less room than before, however it should be plenty for coaching, multi-ball practice, and novices. The usual “challenge a table” rule should not apply in this section. Players should just rotate. Let novices and families play with each other.
  • Gym Setup 14 Tables

  • The side of the gym closest to the parking lot will now have 5 tables. Since the perpendicular divider net is moving a bit toward the lake, there will only be a tiny change in the amount of space on the sides of each table.
  • The other side of the gym will have 4 tables as before and will now have a bit more space on the sides.

Once our new posters are printed, a couple will be placed on a sandwich board outside the gym along the lake. If people poke their heads in, please make them welcome and invite them to play. On weekends, let them know we are only open for table tennis. The general public is not welcome to use our all-genders restroom.

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