Address: Green Lake Community Center & Evans Pool Recreation Complex
7201 E. Green Lake Drive North
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 684-0780
Contact: (206) 684-0780 or info at
From the south Take I-5 well past downtown and just past the University of Washington (45th/50th St. NE). Exit at Ravenna Blvd, turn left and proceed NorthWest on Ravenna until you run into the park.
From the north Take I-5 past Northgate and 80th/85th St exits. Exit at 70th St. NE, Turn right and proceed West on 71st or 72nd until you run into the park.

Now you’re looking at the community center, past the lawns and trees inside the park.
To get there, turn right, following the edge of the park (That’s E Green Lake Way N)
Proceed to the first possible left turn, which is also the first light, turn left.
You will find yourself in the community center parking lot.
If parking is full, use nearby street parking, especially a block up the hill from the lake.
Parking is usually available on Latona, one or two blocks north from Green Lake Drive.
Knock (loudly!) on the side door of the gym and someone will let you in.

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